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Mass Shootings never hurt anyone!

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Great title, huh? That should get a few eyesballs if nothing else!

There is a serious point though.  The horrific shootings in Connecticut last week, has brought out all the useful idiots and their ban everything mentality.  The bodies were not even cold when the first mention of Gun Control was uttered.

However, in that awful case, all the various laws were already active.  The insane shooter was too young and too mentally unstable to own a gun, so he just stole them.  In that one move, he’s defeated all the legislation ever made to prevent horrors like Friday’s from happening.

The reality is that the type of gun he used was irrelevant, and is as useful as discussing the colour of the barn door after the horse has bolted.  The point is, you can’t stop this kind of thing by making a law against it.

The ban fans strike back, but if those guns were banned, this kind of thing couldn’t happen.   

This week, a Man stabbed 22 children in gun controlled China. Without guns, the insane will use something else to express their anger at the voices in their heads! As a side note, Karate was invented specifically because China had banned all weapons from the general public.

Back to the story. This is where the ban guns lobby get a bit distasteful, Well, Guns kill more people, faster than a knife.  So, we now need to take their ban seriously because one death is acceptable compared to 30?  Sorry, not on my watch.

All lives are important. It’s not the tool used that is the problem – its the people with voices in their heads, telling them to shoot up a no gun zone!

There are two ways to stop it happening.

The easiest way in theory, is to find everyone who could potentially do this, and put them in a place where they can’t leave.  Its a kind of Minority Reports world, where practically everyone lives in a mental institution.  As you can guess, its not going to work in practice.

Another option is to only arm the Police, and have one on guard on every street corner, ready and waiting to blow the head of anyone looking like they might go postal!  Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to make that happen.  

So, why not let everyone carry a gun, and if they come across someone going postal, they can shoot them dead?  Well, that does work in some US states.  They don’t let everyone do it, unless they have permission.  They call it a Conceal carry permit.

That could work.




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December 19, 2012 at 2:24 pm

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