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what is the best recession proof job?

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We are in a bit of a recession, and have been for a few years. The question most people have is, what is the best recession proof job?

The answer is simple – its a job that can’t be replicated by machine. On a similar track is a job that can’t be simplified enough to remove the reason for the job existing.

What jobs are these?

Its not a skills based job. Every skill that is in demand will eventually be commoditized down to a level that will enable it to be available to everyone. Its happened throughout history, and eventually, technology will kill the requirement for the skill in its entirety.

The most difficult skill to commoditize is one that involves communicating with people. The past few years has seen it being tried through the use of auto marketing telesales agents where a recorded message is played at unsuspecting customers – but its not really more useful than to filter potential immediate prospects.

The professional services are another area where people skills are difficult to automate, although its potentially easier, if the use of a flowchart is used. This is demonstrated by the use of No Win No Fee services. Medical services are now being simplified using telemedicine systems.

So, getting back to the question, what is the best recession proof job? The answer is Salesman. Not phone answering, order taking sales job, but the sort of sales job where people are convinced to spend more money on something than they originally intended to spend – because they understand the extra value they will gain on doing so.

Is that something anyone can do?

Hopefully not! 😉

Becoming a great salesperson is all about understanding people and how to convince someone that your idea is worth spending money on doing. Its not about becoming a great liar, or brow beating someone into signing on the dotted line.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, just apply for the next sales job you see in the paper. After a good 5 years experience, you will never need to worry again about being unemployed – ever seen a great sales person not working?


Written by f0ul

April 23, 2011 at 11:42 pm

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