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Wikileaks – you can sometimes fool all the people …!

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Wikileaks, managed by its egotistical editor, Julian Assange, has been in the news a lot the past few months.  For those of you living a life devoid of any news, here is a quick summary:

Wikileaks is a site which publishes leaks of official documents.  Its latest exclusive was receiving 250,000 US embassy documents, and promising to publish them. This has lead to calls from various public figures of either support or condemnation! The latest happenings are that the Swedish Government have asked the UK government to hold Assange, due to an allegation of rape which has yet to be heard.

Actually, that last paragraph is near enough

everything that has happened – every thing else that has been written is conjecture!

Wikileaks have only actually published less that 2000 documents to date – most of which were already in the public domain, in one form or another.  At the rate they are publishing, it will take 8 years before we find out everything that has been stolen. The documents are being edited prior to publishing by a collection of professional journalists – to ensure nothing dangerous is published. In most cases, its just a case of censoring personal details.

Now, add an element of fantasy, wishful thinking, anti-government conspiracy theories, religious idolising and lazy reporting, and what do you get?

Assange, the Messiah, that the US government are planning to assassinate.

The reality is much grubbier.

Assange is quickly making sure that he is able to retire a rich man.  He has already sold his memoirs.  There has been no mention of the amount, but its in the millions.  He will need to do the book tour, which will net in a couple more quid.  This will lead to the lecture tour – which will net in a good $50k a talk.  By the time all the documents have been published (which I doubt will ever happen) he will have earned enough to retire!

However, if this information was to be leaked – it could ruin a damn fine story (did I mention the film rights?) – so let’s just say, Julian isn’t the Messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy!



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December 22, 2010 at 10:49 pm

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