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The stress of being levelheaded

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I would consider myself quite a sensible chap.  I don’t do drama over a crisis.  When something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world, just an extra pain I didn’t need.  So what happens when you seem to get one stress after another coming at you like level 5 of Space Invaders?

I am not one to pass judgement on other people’s thought process.  We tend to develop a way of thinking that we get used to.  What this means in practice is that when others get into a panic, I will tend to defuse the situation by bringing issues back to earth.

Its quite easy really, being level headed.

All you need to do is know two things.  One, you are insignificant, in the grand scheme of things.  You are on this planet for 80 years or so, and then you are dead.  There are another 6 billion people on this planet, and each one of them also has issues – most of which are also insignificant.  Geologically speaking, nobody would notice that 80 years if it was missing!

Secondly, most peoples problems are worries about things that have happened, or things that might happen. Things that have happened, can’t be changed, so just get used to it.  Things that have yet to happen – have not happened, so why worry?

The hypothetical future is never as bad as you might imagine.  It is the result of their imaginations view of how bad things might be that people worry about.

The problem for us level headed people is that everybody expects us to solve their problems.  Yes, it can be fun sorting problems on an irregular basis, but after a while, it gets monotonous hearing the same old misery.  You end up boring yourself with the same old solutions for the problems people keep getting themselves into. It is even more frustrating to see your solutions being badly implemented and then obviously not working as expected!

The worst part of being level heaved is that you end up being the one with no one to bounce ideas off – because everyone expects you to be the level headed one, who doesn’t need help and support.

It can get quite lonely being the one with all the answers, even when you haven’t.  It can get even worse when you do start feeling down, tired and just disinterested.

So many people aim far too high and don’t put the effort in to get there. They then get disappointed when it doesn’t happen!

I’ve had a go at the rat race, and I’m still paying off that lifestyle.  All we really need for a good life is a little happiness and a whole load of contentment – is that aiming too low?


Written by f0ul

September 27, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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