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Old Age – a worry or somthing to look forward to?

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I was talked into watching Benjamin Button on DVD.  Its a story of a man who lives his life backwards.  He is born as a very old baby, and gets younger through his life.  Of course, everyone else lives a normal life, and its about his relationships and their reaction to him.

While it is a nice film, and the idea is very interesting, it wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen.  It reminded me of Big Fish, which I think did the story of life much better!

Anyway, there was a very interesting idea in this film which I think I might take up.  The main character, Benjamin, writes a biography to remind him of his life should he become to old, and lose his memory.

My grandmother lost her memory when she got older, and suffered from Alzheimers and its possibly my greatest fear that I might get it in my old age. With that in mind (yes, its an awful pun!) I think it might be useful to write myself a few notes to remind myself of my life.  Not sure how I will do it, and it isn’t going to be interesting for anyone else.  My ego doesn’t allow me to use this site to write it on – but it will be stored online.

When you think about it, we do a huge amount of things in one life – even if it isn’t interesting, its worth remembering – at least until I die of a dissolved brain!

Of course, if I end up stopping breathing due to mistiming a corner – it will be a bit of a waste of effort!! 🙂


Written by f0ul

August 28, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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