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How to fix the public sector

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Everyone and his dog has a theory of how to fix the public sector.  Some will cut budgets, some will increase them, some cut with a ring fence, while others just blame Thatcher!  As you can gather, they are all wrong.

The problem with the public sector is that there are too many people in the middle.  The people at the top know what they are doing – this is the professional top, not the political top, BTW!

The people at the bottom know what they are doing – that is what they do.

The people in the middle don’t have a clue because they have a mixed agenda.  One is that they want to keep their jobs, so want to be seen to be having an effect of some sort.  Secondly, they want to keep their bosses happy, so tell them what they want to hear.

The net result is that if the people at the top spoke directly to the people at the bottom, the whole system would suddenly work as it was meant to – or at least the blocks which stop it working now would disappear quickly!

Of course, there is another problem with the public sector.  A lot of what they do is unneeded – although a few people will always find something useful.  The result is that while 90% can do without (insert something here involving kids or kripples) they are supported strongly by 20% of people- and no politician wants to piss off 20% of people – so that scheme stays!

Interestingly, It does tend to be the third party concerned who make the biggest fuss!

Anyone agree?


Written by f0ul

August 28, 2010 at 9:43 am

Posted in politics

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