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Technology past present and future

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Technology is how we describe all these plastic boxes which connect to the internet but what about old school technology?  Did technology start in 1975?

Of course it didn’t, but I do seem to read from countless commentators how the past was really slow and it was only the invention of TV, colour and Facebook!

I have spent some time at Ironbridge, which is the birthplace of Industry and it helps you see the world in a different light.  Technology is just the tools which make life easier – that is Facebook, The steam engine, and even the flint knife.

More intersting is the attitude to old technology.  While we are amazed by what modern technology can do, we are all fashionably dismissive of older technology, until it goes totally out of date at which point, we are amazed again!

Take the water wheel.  It is just a wheel which takes its power from a flow of water.  This is normally a channel from a river.  The wheel drives a shaft which drives other devices which need a movement to make them work.  This could be a drill, or a press or an electric generator.  The possibilities of all this are endless.

The electrical generator could be used to power a  broadband WIFI repeater.  Oh, hold on that really new technology, being powered by a really old technology – is that good or bad? 😉

Hint – its neither, its just technology!


Written by f0ul

August 14, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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