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God, Faith, Religion and Athiesm

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I do not believe in God – don’t think I ever did but I am not an athiest. I don’t like religion – and there is no religion worse that Atheism.

What?  But Atheist don’t believe in God, how can that be a religion? (I hear you scream at your screen!).

Religion has nothing to do with God or faith or anything mystical – its about power and control over others using a dogma.

Faith is where you believe that there might be some force beyond what we know, possibly controlling our lives in some form or another.

Religion is where someone tells you that there is a force beyond what we know controlling our lives – and they know all about it.  If you agree that they are indeed more special than you – then they have also gained an element of control over you too!

So, back to Atheism.  Why is it a religion?  It is quite simple.

Science is based on the idea that nothing is true unless it can’t be proved otherwise.  What this means is that what someone believes to be true, changes when some new evidence comes to light and that nothing is beyond questioning.

In the case of Atheists, because they can’t prove God exists, they conclude that he doesn’t.  Logically, that is a weak argument. You don’t know what a God is, how can you test for it?

Its like proving electricity exists by waving a banana at a ring of wire cable.  Because nothing happens, does that prove that electricity doesn’t exist?  What if you take a magnet and wave it around the wire cable.  Without a way of being able to see any evidence, does the electricity exist?

Athests are not interested in testing their theory to destruction because the whole point of their religion is that it gives then an answer. There is nothing else, just life, until there isn’t. Don’t waste your time looking because someone have already checked. Now go and tell everyone else that there is nothing else.  They are wrong, you are right.  There is nothing else.

I am not like that.  I know very little of the content of the universe.  I don’t know if a God exists, but I know that to decide if God exists or not is an opinion, not a scientific fact.

So, how do you feel?


Written by f0ul

July 21, 2010 at 3:19 pm

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