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A Practical Example of How Socialism Works

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I discovered a very simple an easy example of socalism in action over the weekend, and I thought I would share it with you.

For those of you who don’t know, socialism is defined by many as follows:

a political term applied to an economic system in which property is held in common and not individually, and relationships are governed by a political hierarchy. Common ownership doesn’t mean decisions are made collectively, however. Instead, individuals in positions of authority make decisions in the name of the collective group. Regardless of the picture painted of socialism by its proponents, it ultimately removes group decision making in favor of the choices of one all-important individual.

Sounds complex, doesn’t it.  In practice what it means is that we are all taxed a lot, and the government decides who gets the money.

My practical example of this struck me when we were discussing what my daughter was doing over the weekend.  It seemed she was going out clubbing.  She works, so she saw it perfectly fair to go clubbing with the money she had earnt.

We realised that we hadn’t been out on the town for a long time because we couldn’t afford to.  While my wife and myself, bring in a serious wage well in excess of £1000 a week.  My daughter earns, on average £100 a week.

Why could she afford to go out, and we couldn’t?

It all works on socalism!

My daughter pays a nominal rent for her board.  We cover the cost of her living in the house, as well as the cost of everything inside the house.  We have also covered the cost of the various unexpected costs over the years, relating to her growing requirements.  This basically means we have debts which need paying.

The end result is that she gets to spend her money on enjoying herself, while we end up spending on subsidizing this enjoyment, by paying for everything that she can’t afford to pay for – but still needs.

Yes, it does sound like a grumpy old misery complaining about young people – BUT – it also highlights why socialism appeals to the young!

What would you rather spend your money on?  Council tax and a market rate rent or a few pints and entry to a nightclub? – Which one would you have to pay, if nobody else paid for it over you?

The end result is that we don’t go out very often, and when we do, we spend less than my daughter – however, in a few years time, we can down size, meaning we will suddenly be back in the money! – can’t wait!


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July 12, 2010 at 1:05 pm

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