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Guns, Laws and Nutters

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The news from Cumbria was awful last week.

If only one member of the public had a gun in the glove pocket of their car, and shot Derek Bird in the High Street, at least 9 people would still be alive today.  But that didn’t happen.  Instead, Derek Bird went mental and started shooting people at random until he lost the will to live and killed himself.

100 years ago, the gun laws in the UK were very open.  You could own a gun, and you could carry it in public, and surprisingly, we never had anyone going mental in a small community.  We also had much less crime.  This was the time you could leave your doors open – ok, maybe it was a little rose tinted, but the fact was, responsible grown ups were able to protect themselves.

Today, life is a little different.  If you ignore the law, you get to carry a gun.  The public on the other hand are now left to fend for themselves.  You dare not get caught with an illegal weapon as that would be the end of your career.  This worry even stops people from properly defending their homes.  The worry of legal action by criminals enough to make it as easy for them as stealing sweets from a baby!

What is the answer?

Why not give everyone the chance to carry a gun?

So, what would be the result of such irresponsibility?

It would create a boom in the sale of guns – which would be good for the economy.  Secondly, it would give a lot of criminals a shock.

There would be a huge growth in deaths from gun shots, especially suicide.

Secondly, there would be tragic accidents – which is possibly the main reason why every gun owner needs to be trained to a standard prior to getting a license.

So, what should the UK do before the next spree killer goes mad – sometime within the next 12 years or so?  It should allow anyone, over 18, with no criminal record, who is willing to buy their own firearm, a licence and qualified training to be allowed to carry a gun in public.

We let people drive, and a car is as dangerous a tool in the wrong hands.

The alternative is to ban everything – just in case!


Written by f0ul

June 7, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Posted in Personal, politics

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