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My Daughter Left Home last Friday

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Thought I would use the blog for something useful.  I need to vent my thoughts in a way which may help me, help others and really just let me see some useful words in front of me.

Cool title, huh?  It is true, she had a rant at the family, and walked out.

Its 4 days later, and I got to thinking how I really felt.  Her mother has been a shadow of her former self, and today, I started wondering how I felt.  Being a fella trained from a young age not to show emotion in any real context, I always do the looking at the bright side thing, it will be ok, won’t it etc?

Well, not today.  Today I started thinking about what our daughter had done.  She had rejected us.  She had decided that she didn’t want to know us anymore, and walk out.


I have no idea.  I still don’t know.

Now this is where the answer is meant to show up as I write my thoughts, but actually, its still blank.  Still trying to think of a reason, and its just not happening.

Now, you may think that its because she was being beaten black and blue or being ritually abused, but the truth is, that never happened.  I could understand it if that was the case.  But all we ever asked her to do was to tidy her room, iron some clothes on a Sunday and be in by 10 on a week night.  We even said it was ok for her to sleep over at her boyfriend’s flat twice a week.

We thought we were being good quality liberal parents.  No drugs though.  We were also quite keen on her knowing how to drink sensibly, do sex sensibly – and get some decent qualifications.  What more were we meant to do?

We helped her get to her part time job on countless times, as well as pick up regularly when it was past 10pm at night – we didn’t like the idea of her walking home through the high street late at night?  Was that too authoritarian?

We had our faults – we did dismiss her ideas regularly – mostly because they were silly fantasies.  She wanted to work doing various things, but they were impractical.  Either she was under qualified, or medically unfit or just under experienced to do these things.  We would suggest ways to get around these problems – but they were dull and did involve hard work.

Maybe we shouted at her at times, but that is what you do when your kid does something wrong – you make up later, but maybe she forgot that we did that?

All in all, I can’t work out what we did wrong – why didn’t she want to live with us?

This question will go through my head for days until I get an answer – I seem to want this more than I want anything else – kids grow up and she was always expected to move on – but not like this!


She came back! 🙂

The answer to Why was confusion! –

After going off in a huff, she slowly realised that she might have gone too far. She spent most of the week away working to keep her busy – but after a few phone calls, she realised her error and we all made up – happy ever after?  I doubt it, but at least we are smiling again!


Written by f0ul

June 1, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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  1. I think she has learnt a few things from this.. and still is!
    She will be her former self once again… soon!


    August 18, 2010 at 5:50 pm

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