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What you need to know about the EU BEFORE you vote!

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I have spent the afternoon reading through a European Directive to do with government purchasing as well as advisory notes from the OGC just to give you an idea of where I get my knowledge and opinions from.

Almost all the nastiness that comes from the EU is not actually the EU’s fault – its our government’s fault. EU directives are full of ideas and suggestions of what the EU would like, however, it is up to the UK government to decide how its going to interpret these huge documents.

Due to our civil service not being able to do initiative, what we end up with is a black and white interpretation which is almost always far too strict. THe technical term is goldplating. Combine this with the public compliant attitude to rules and regs and we end up with a monster of far too much nonsense with no slack.

Which ever party gets into power, its the actions of these civil servants which needs to be addressed more than what the manifestos of the various parties think of the EU.

For instance, one of the most important elements of the EU is the concept of Subsidiarity. The government and the anti EU parties have always been a bit quiet about this because it doesn’t serve their purposes. Basically, it is a concept where matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority. It doesn’t seem to follow any description of the EU that I am aware of – but until recently, I hadn’t read the EU documents personally – so you live and learn! 

When it comes to voting, while being very anti big government, I am not scared by the Lib Dem stance to the EU because they are honest enough to point out not only subsidiarity but also how they want to introduce sunset laws – this is where laws have a sell by date when they need to be refreshed or they stop being effective.

To me this is fresh thinking and a hell of a lot less scary that either the Labour or Tory (or any of the other parties) offerings.

Hope everyone else has read their preferred parties full manifestos ! 


Written by f0ul

May 5, 2010 at 6:32 pm

Posted in politics

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