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How I worked out who to vote for!

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The general election is taking place on the 6th of May, 2010.  I have been having problems working out who to vote for.  I hate politicians -they all lie and steal as much for themselves as the rules allow!  I also live in an area where the boundaries ensure that the Labour MP stays a Labour MP.

It means that my vote isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference, BUT, I want to vote, because a lot of people have died to ensure that at least I get a chance to have a say.  For that reason, I have decided to ignore local issues and vote for who I would like in power in Westminster.

I know the Westminster is mostly a puppet government of the EU.  However, having been to other EU countries, I realise that it’s mostly because Labour want it that way.  The EU only has power while the government lets them, if it starts ignoring them, then the EU are left with some bits of paper, and no way of being able to enforce their wishes.  For that reason, I feel comfortable not voting for UKIP.

Do I prefer equality or fairness?  Fairness wins because it isn’t fair to give money to everyone equally regardless of the effort they put in to look after themselves.  For that reason, I will not be voting Labour

This leads on to the BNP.  Reading  their manifesto, they are just old style extreme Labour supporters, who feel comfortable with blaming others for their situation.  It’s not just immigrants who get their wrath, but its the one we all know about. They will not be getting my vote.

I was brought up being told that my vote belonged to the nationalists, and while I lived in the shadow of my parents, that is what happened.  That is no longer the case.  Seeing their policies with fresh eyes, they are just a much more sophisticated version of the BNP.  The differences being that they want their culture to have priority, they want others to pay for this to happen, and they blame others for the situation they are in.  They will not be getting my vote.

Unlike a large number of soundbite artists, I DO remember Thatcher’s Britain.  I lived in a politically active household, and despised the woman.  the 80’s were OK though.  Everyone was buying shares, and the police were spending their time beating up anyone who didn’t conform.

By 1997, we had had 18 years of the same party in power, and it corrupts.  We needed a change, and Tony was a breath of fresh air.

We are looking for a change again, and Dave is doing a Tony.  I am worried that the Tories will not change the authoritarianism that Labour have made into an industry over the past 13 years. It suits them to keep it, but they will blame Labour for it.  For that reason, I will not be voting for them.

I have always wondered why anyone would vote for the LibDems, seeing its a wasted vote.  However, what is a wasted vote?  It’s voting for something you don’t believe in.  I live in an area where my vote can’t make a difference, so why not vote for what I believe in?  That is why all those brave people died.  This is why I will be voting LibDem – I think! 😉


Written by f0ul

April 14, 2010 at 7:58 pm

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