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Why is it easier to be a criminal in nulab UK?

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Been watching a few of these Cops with Camrea TV shows and are noticing that the only people who ever seem to get a criminal conviction are the easy calls – the ones who get away with it are the really horrible ones.  The ferrell youth can get away with being animals.  The drunken working person who back chats a coper gets a good £80 fine or more.

It means that the crime figures seem to be going down – but only because the cops are spending their time catching more drunken back chatters!!

I read somewhere that 50,000 people are responsible for at least 50% of all the crime in the UK – that is an insane figure – I just wish I could find where I got that number from.

I guess things won’t get much better under the Tories, but at least they will be under a bigger moral obligation to sort out the problem – or are the Tories no long the party of Law and Order?


Written by f0ul

April 7, 2010 at 11:40 pm

Posted in politics

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