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The Default PM Doesn’t Disappoint

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Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, did what was expected of him, and went full term.  The man who didn’t get voted into any position bar becoming a MP in a safe seat, finally ended his stint as prime minister by waiting until he didn’t have to decide on a date to call the election.

On April the 12th, the UK will no longer have any kind of sovereign government, until the election votes are cast and the next parliament starts on the 16th of May.

While I have been looking for my proof of election prediction in the comments I placed on different websites regarding our default PM – they have all disappeared!!   Having said that, it was never difficult to predict that Gordon Brown, the most inept PM and Chancellor the UK has seen in at least a century, would avoid actually making a real decision.

Personally, I don’t know who should take over his role.  The reality is, the job of PM is better described as UK Minister for Europe and our new masters (yeah, thanks for that, Gordon!) will make sure nothing goes wrong with the UK’s position until a new UK Minister for Europe is elected!

Anyone but EU might be nice, but I can’t even seeing UKIP actually doing that, we will have to wait for a war before we see the end of the commission!


Written by f0ul

April 6, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Posted in politics

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