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How to do Time Travel – Practical Ideas

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Every day I have lots of thoughts on pet subjects – mostly its about how to win the lottery by predicting the numbers and only then buying a ticket – bit daft, but it helps me fall asleep!

Another way to fall asleep is work out how to do time travel – and it doesn’t help that you watch fantastic films like FAQ!

Basically, in the real world, there is only one thing that I am aware of which can travel faster than light – and they are Tachyons You would have thought that once you know what to use, it would be easy – but it isn’t!

The next problem is, if only Tachyons are able to move faster than light, how do we use them to make US go fast than light?

Actually before we get on to that, let me just say that light and time are related – that was Einstein’s work – assume that anything faster than light becomes time travel.

Anyway, if you can’t make a Tachyon vehicle, what would you use?

Rather than have a long rambling post, let’s cut to the chase – why not use the Internet?

Assuming that Tachyons can be made to behave like electrons, then you could use the same concept that makes electronics work.

I got the idea from thinking about telephones which transmit a copy of your voice anywhere on the planet, and then transmit a copy of the voice you want to hear all the way back.

That leads to the idea that you could therefore create a Internet gateway with the past or the future. Actually, the future is the more interesting area!

So, imagine this, tap future into the address bar (e.g. http://2050.google.co.uk), get tomorrow’s news. Really want to see the future, send an email and get a Youtube video of where ever you want to see!

At the end of the day, while its nice to dream of walking with dinosaurs, its more practical to just watch a TV screen and control objects with our Tachyon Gateway.

So, next step is either to build it, or to Brainstorm for a while and think of a cool name for it! Oh, and as its my idea – the F0ul Gateway seems a nice name!
The comments await your thoughts!


Written by f0ul

March 8, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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