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Twitter – a self powered ego and hot air system!!

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I have been experimenting with Twitter, the micro blogging site which has confused a lot of media people due to its 140 character nature. I have three accounts, all of which have three different functions. My experiment is to see what makes Twitter work well. Or, to put it another way, what is Twitter good for?

I first started using it about a year or so ago. Having been aware of it for a few years, I finally thought I would use it on a daily based to see if it could be used for building visitor numbers for a website.

Unfortunately, this website is professionally based, so I didn’t want to use if for personal comments. Therefore, I set up another Twitter account. This was a bit ranty, but I was trying to use it to build an online following for my opinion.

After a while, I decided it would be useful to try and automate a Twitter account, which didn’t need any form of work to build a following.

Using various tools, such as Twitterfeed, as well as a auto follower/ following package, I quickly got the figure up to a very reasonable number of followers.

This experiment is still active, so I don’t want to get into numbers. However, I will reveal my initial findings as it is quite depressing! 😉

Twitter, like most forms of Social Media, is mostly junk! Worse than the subject matter of what is being tweeted about, is the fact that nobody is reading this stuff with any thought.

The time messages are being tweeted has a huge effect on visitor returns, but the numbers are still minimal. On the auto site, it seems to be about 1% or less of followers click on links.

The accounts built using real thought, and filled with text written by a real person, get less followers, but a higher percentage of clicks to links. This is just like any other form of media. The lowest common denominator is the key.

More interesting is that while I am creating auto content, and barely reading anything on that account, what is to say everyone else isn’t doing the same?

Twitter seems to be everything by proxy. We already know that the celebrities with big numbers of followers have a team of people to write their tweets. This single act seems to defeat the original object of the concept! 😉 More importantly, it seems to show that none of the followers seem to care!!

I will carry on my experiment but reading other articles, but I am not the first to spot this trend!


Written by f0ul

February 26, 2010 at 2:04 pm

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