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Local Workers for Local Jobs!

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One of the aspects I find interesting with the EU, is that sometimes its rules are very fair, to the point of being able to demonstrate hypocrisy in others!
You must have heard the racist phrase ‘British Jobs for British Workers!’ made popular by the Labour PM, Gordon Brown? The BNP uses it as well, which is only fair seeing that their economic policies are very similar to Labour’s!

While the EU have messed up our employment rules over the past 10 years, one that I personally like is the fact that anyone can now work anywhere – provided you are the best person for the job.

The problem for our racist friends is they are perfectly happy to use the rules when they get an advantage but don’t accept the idea of fairness!

It gets really confusing when you tune the locality. County based, Regionally based, Country based, Sovereignty based, Empire based!

Its OK to not want an African doing a job, as long as they are not an EU citizen! Its also OK to discriminate against the best value solution if the paperwork, however insignificant, isn’t in order.

Its the dishonesty of an argument which I really hate. The EU isn’t any less racist, its just got a different agenda!


Written by f0ul

February 23, 2010 at 10:52 am

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