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Brits 2010 – The Peter and Liam Show

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Did you see the Brits last night?

It was the sort of car crash TV you promise yourself you are not going to waste your time with – The highlight for me was Peter Kay and Liam Gallagher – two bigger clichés I’ve not seen on TV for a while!

Peter Kay was there doing all the same jokes he always does. The formula is quite easy. Name a few mid 80’s pop bands who were never critically acclaimed, name a few provincial towns, generally north of Birmingham and ignore stage names – add a big of northern slang and we have 80% of his act!

Then we have Liam Gallagher, the pantomime pop star of the 90’s who doesn’t realise his career was over 5 years ago!

Basically, the highlight is a quip from Peter Kay, but the run up took a while. Radio 2 listeners were asked to name the UK album of the last 30 years. While a whole bunch of great albums were missing (OK Computer anyone?) The winner was Oasis, What’s the Story, Morning Glory?
So, Liam is called on stage, and he is swaggering like all the toughest 17 year old kids do down the local shops. He takes his award, thanks the members of the band, the audio is muted, and we guess he is swearing his head off about something or other for a good 10 seconds. The sound comes back, he throws the award into the audience, and swaggers off stage having shouted, ‘Live Forever!’

So, Peter takes up the mike, and mutters, ‘What a Knobhead!’ Clearly heard by all the hundreds of people viewing across the UK!

I hope they spend a bit more time on the content of the Brits next year, but why change the habit of a lifetime?


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February 17, 2010 at 2:45 pm

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