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What Happens if we legalised Drugs?

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I had a mad thought a few hours after we got burgled, what if the junkie who stole our stuff could stay out of the criminal world? Would we live in a better place, and what would be the unintended consequences?

Now, this is still daydream thinking, so there might be a huge hole in it, so, please let me know if you spot it!

OK. Tomorrow, all drugs are legalised, and the government authorises the tobacco companies to start selling them – what happens?

For this to work, the way I want it to work, the price needs to be reset by government at £1 a fix – assuming the current price is £10.  The government taxes this at 50% so that is a pre tax price of 50p.

It would initially mean that the market price would possibly drop to £3 while the market organised itself, but within 6 months or so, the price of pure, government approved drugs would be the norm.

Our friendly burglar, who is currently looking to raise, £200 a day, can now get the same effect for less than £20 a day.  Knowing that its clean, and would be available in a much more body friendly form, it wouldn’t be so bad for them either.

No more stealing maybe? No, I don’t think so, I think it would just change the focus of the criminal drug gangs.  Suddenly, they would have a base, to produce better quality drugs, and rather than being a net importer of drugs, the UK would become a drug middle man between the production companies and the rest of the world who still ban the stuff.

The more desperate measures of druggies might stop, but some how, I think they might end up doing something else bad!

So, how am I doing?

What do you think would happen?


Written by f0ul

February 15, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Posted in economics, politics

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