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Vote With Your Heart – you know you want to!

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As anyone with a heartbeat and access to news will be aware, there is an election in the air!

Before my week took a certain direction, I was starting to look up what was happening in our local election part of the world.  I had come to the conclusion that I understood why there was apathy in the air, and think it is being caused on purpose by the damn power crazy politicians we see on TV.

The point is, we have a voting system based on a seemingly honest system.   In reality though, its been hobbled through the use of staggered starting points and warped logic.  There is also the terror of the wasted vote!

So, I have decided to vote for the party that most compares to my ideals.  I also don’t seem to be the only one thinking like this.  Strangely, I feel a lot of people are going to be totally against this plan!

The point is, there are 40 million voters in the UK.  40% of them will not be voting.  Of the ones left over, more people will disagree with the winning party than the number of people who agree with them – and the way that election boundaries are set will mean that some communities will have to vote much harder to remove their representative than others!

So, what could happen?  Well … we could have a hung parliament.  How bad would that be?  Better than what we have now – that’s for sure!  We would also have a range of strange new parties and ideas in parliament.  We could even have politicians who still possessed political ideals.  Pah!  Yes, highly unlikely but ….!

The only real worry I have is the whole BNP thing.  Their potential voters are all ex labour voters, and are more likely to vote, not from belief in the BNP, but in punishment to Labour!  This is just tactical voting by another name and it doesn’t work!!  You end up with a messy solution where nobody is happy!

My advice? – use your vote for what you believe in – just use your vote! 🙂


Written by f0ul

February 15, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Posted in politics

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