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Just Been Burgled – Crime in the UK

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Not been posting my thoughts for a few days – mainly because I have only had one thought – why was I burgled?

On Friday morning, at around 3am, while the family were upstairs snoring away, persons unknown entered the house.  They took all the electronic toys we had, which had any value to them, as well as a few odds and ends.

Most devastating missing item was my wife’s motorbike.  Not because it was the most valuable, but because it had so many sentimental memories.  We were married on it, we did a 2000 mile charity run on it, and she had lusted after this bike for 4 years before actually buying it.

Do the burglars care?  Of course not.  They just want the money, and this is how they earn theirs!

So, my weekend has been spent dealing with reality.  The insurance companies are going to be harder to deal with that the initial burglary.  Some crooks still wear suits!

Security is another issue.  I am planning on buying some network cameras, plugged directly into the phone system.  While the next burglars might be smart enough to steal the security system, they won’t steal the images if they are on a server in Texas!

Finally, I am going to fortress the doors, Edward I style!  Hefty metal bars across the doors should stop any entry until we are at least awake!  While alarms might seem nice, physically stopping the @#*&%$! getting into the house, will keep everyone safe!

Reading my rant, you may think that I am living in a run down, lawless part of the world, but the figures would possibly prove you wrong.  The problem is that while statistics tell you one thing, reality jolts you into realising that there are times when you are very much alone!

Protecting myself from the scum of society is a role previous governments decided I shouldn’t do.  I should give the burglar a fair chance, and if I end up confronting them, I again, should fight fair.  There is not such rules placed on the burglar, because …  I have no idea!

There is a saying in the US, When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!  Its actually an anti gun control slogan.  With my tin hat on, I would guess that by having the public handing out instant justice to trespassing druggies who burgle, there would be less work for the police to do.  Less paperwork, less investigating, less bribes to take from the Mr Big’s of this world (OK, maybe that last one was unfair, but can you see my point?) etc.

So, when the insurance pays out – assuming that they do, I will be spending a great deal of it, making sure it doesn’t happen again – but why are we paying for a police service if it doesn’t prevent crime from happening?  Of have I just misunderstood the whole cops and robbers thing?


Written by f0ul

February 15, 2010 at 10:11 am

Posted in Personal, politics

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