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The Importance of Cities – where do you live?

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If you know any history, you will know the names of various cities and understand how important they were at one time.  Rome, Athens, Bejing, London, etc.  The question I ask myself is how powerful are today’s cities, and has anyone listed their importance to the world?

Yes, Yes they have – and you will find the list here!

So, the number 1 city in the world is New York, closely followed by London.

These cities are rated as being Alpha ++ and they are the only 2!

Next we have the Alpha +, the Alpha, the Alpha- and we are then on to Beta+.  I am now wondering, that while I have seen London, I have yet to see any other of the UK’s cities on the list!

Eventually, I see my favourite – Manchester show up right in the middle of Gamma.  Its above Amman, but lower than Lagos! Well, that is a shock!

So, how about the other cities of the UK?

Edinburgh and Birmingham are a Gamma -, Glasgow, Leeds and Bristol are described as being High Sufficiency.  In the last column are the Sufficiency cities.  These include Belfast, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Liverpool and finally Cardiff.

Really puts you in your place, doesn’t it?

So, while London is the top dog, worldwide, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff are a much better indicator of the position of the UK in the world.

Finding the buzz of Manchester enthralling, I am fascinated to see that it is in the same league of city as Wellington, Perth and Detroit.  What is more interesting is seeing the range of cities between Manchester and London.

Sofia, Beirut, Barcelona, Dublin and Oslo are all seen between the two premier cities of the UK.  That isn’t a slur on those cities, just the gap between London and its next most important city.

So, what does this mean in real life?  How does this effect you?  Well, if you are the biggest fish in Cardiff, it isn’t as as big as the biggest fish, well, almost anywhere else , really! 🙂

However, if you are considering a better place to do business, then maybe you don’t need to move countries, only focus more on London!

h are described as High Sufficiencyttp://www.lboro.ac.uk/gawc/world2008t.html

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