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Maddie: Did the parents do it?

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Having linked through to the book the tried to ban – the Truth in the Lie, yesterday, I have spent hours reading pages of conflicting information about what happened that night in 2007.

What do I think?  Does it really matter?  The facts should really speak for themselves.  However, there is something very interesting in the over view of this whole story.

Firstly, statistically, kids are usually killed by their parents.  84% to be exact.  Only 4% are killed by a stranger to the child.  So, even before anyone had even got in the police car to respond to the call, there was a damn good chance that they knew what had happened.

Secondly, the strange behaviour on the discovery that their child is missing is also very worrying.  No panic at the hotel / apartment area.  Kate McCann walks back to the bar where her friends are and announces that her child is missing using a medical term for death.  Possibly this is perfectly understandable considering that they are all medical staff.  However, not the expected actions of a mother who has just realised that one of her children is missing.

Lots of the extra information which have ended up as part of this story are difficult to accept as evidence as they don’t have collaborating evidence.  Witness statements are a good example of this.  It is when you ask questions of a witness, wait a few days, and ask the same thing again.  The story might change a little, that is human nature.  Its the amount that they change which is where police expertise is required.

The public are very bad at this, and with very little knowledge, but a great deal of passion it is possible to have a conspiracy up and running its way around the world by breakfast.

I don’t might stating that from what I’ve read, I think the baby died in Kate’s arms, having had a fatal accident.  That is just opinion, but it should be enough to ensure I never end up in a jury!! 🙂

What do you think?

Let me know your theory!


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February 11, 2010 at 11:30 am

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