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Who am I?

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What a great question!

It seems thoughtful, but can be read as being cliched at the same time 😉

So, what do I represent?

I am male.  Its my mum’s fault!

I am middle aged – that again is possibly my mum’s fault – teaching me not to do stupid things which are likely to get me killed!

I live in the UK.  Well, it used to be nice here.  Its gone downhill a bit in the past 10 years or so, but its better than living somewhere else!

In the old days of the net, chats tended to start with ASL?  and I would type in something like 18fNY which would be a giggle for a while.  Of course, these days I worry I might get arrested for doing such a thing!  Actually, I worry a lot about things which used to be fun.

Not the big stuff – I don’t worry if Lady Gaga is a man!  I don’t care, she sings like a man, and looks a bit like one too!

I do worry about the bigger things in life like economics, politics, the future, the past and motorbikes – oh, and computers!

So, if you like any of those things, you need to start following me!  Do it by tapping in your details into the box on the right of this bit of text.


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February 9, 2010 at 7:14 pm

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