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How the world really works

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Right, lets get serious.

I was reading Guido and his analysis of Lobbying and its future under a new Tory government.  This really is something that bugs me!

We are taught at an early age that politics is about voting for people who will make a change.  Once you vote, they will then go off and sort it out.  In real life it doesn’t work like that.

If you want something changed, what you do is lobby.  That is where you employ someone to spend ages talk to everyone related to an issue you want to change, and get them all to agree with you to the point that they change the law to make it happen.

Whatever that may be, most people don’t care.  The ones who do care usually agree with the changes, the ones who are effected don’t know its happening.  By the time something changes, its too late – but nobody cares enough to change things back!

Lobbists actually control the world, and there is nothing the rest of us can do about it – or is there?

Tell me what you think!


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February 9, 2010 at 7:33 pm

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